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We are in it together.

At Shoppa’s, we are a proud to be part of America’s team ensuring our country’s supply chain keeps moving. Our customers represent some of the nation’s most critical industries from Food and Agriculture, to Healthcare, to Energy, to Chemical to Transportation and we are here to do our part!

As we navigate these unforeseen circumstances together, we are working hard alongside our customers to ensure Americans have what they need. The Shoppa’s team is here to help in whatever ways we can – providing counsel, service, labor or equipment to ensure your company has what it needs to continue operations. 

  • We are working with customers to quickly create warehouse solutions to improve efficiencies and cut costs, as well as to help ensure warehouse personnel are able to maintain a minimum 6’ distance between each other with innovative warehouse solutions.
  • We are helping our customers manage a new level of cleaning that is required with our industrial cleaning solutions.
  • We have made available a fleet of rental equipment for heavy production to open up any supply chain bottle necks.
  • We are engaging customers with Toyota Lean Management practices that are critical in this time as we figure out how to do more with the same or less resources.

As a country, we are facing challenging times. The hard work of the American people been more on display.  Never before has our motto that Shoppa’s keeps things moving been more important to our country than now. If you need assistance, please contact us at 866-506-2200 and a member of our team will be available to assist you!

We are in it together.

Call 866.506.2200 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Increase Versatility of Your Forklift Fleet With Forklift Attachments

Forklifts are such an essential piece of equipment in a warehouse for everyday operations. They offer enhanced mobility and are practical, effective tools enabling workers to efficiently carry, push, pull, lift, stack, rotate and tier materials within a warehouse. On their own, they are pretty impressive; however, the number of forklift attachments that are available offer businesses a great deal more functionality and added features that enhance lift truck value to owners and operators.      

Increased productivity, reduced labor costs, and improved safety make utilizing forklift attachments attractive benefits to business owners. The trick is discerning which attachments best benefit the needs of your operation to tailor suit your equipment mix to your facility. Out of the many forklift attachments available on the market today, there are some that prove to be more popular and versatile and are found to be more commonly used.

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In the News: Toyota Announces 2019 Presidents Award Winners

Sweet Sixteen! Shoppa’s Material Handling is happy to announce we have been awarded the prestigious Toyota President’s Award for the 16th time. Way to go Shoppa’s team for living our vision and core values “To be the premier material handling solutions provider to our customers by delivering an exceptional customer experience in everything we do.”

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Do You Really Need Certified Forklift Safety Training? Better Safe Than Sorry!


A parent wouldn’t hand off the keys to a brand-new sports car to their teenager on his or her sixteenth birthday, turn them loose on the road, and just hope for the best. That would prove to be a safety risk of epic proportions to the driver, passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, as well as, to the vehicle and surrounding property.   Of course, a parent would have made certain that their child had completed the necessary education and training requirements to become a licensed driver first. 

Likewise, an operator of any piece of industrial equipment must be trained and certified by an Occupational Safety & Health Administration, or OSHA, compliant program.  The investment in the certification of employees has huge payoffs, and cutting corners could prove costly.

Not only does OSHA require that anyone who operates a forklift to undergo forklift operator safety training, it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that each and every industrial truck operator is capable and trained and that only trained operators are permitted to operate the specific piece of equipment that they will be operating.  Doing so, will benefit the entire operation.

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Advance Notice: Your Floors Need Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner which brings to mind spring cleaning, and what better way to get your facility spic and span than with the purchase of some commercial or industrial cleaning equipment?  Warehouses can become dirty pretty quickly so having the appropriate pieces of equipment to keep your facility in top shape is essential. 

Not all commercial or industrial cleaning equipment are equal to the task of the high demands and multiple types of surfaces of most warehouses, and it is important to have the best cleaning equipment working for you to get the job done as efficiently as possible. 

Advance industrial floor cleaning equipment has been ahead of the curve for more than 100 years delivering top notch equipment with an innovative and efficient product line for a variety of application.  Advance stands out among the competitors and are designed to offer high productivity, multi-tasking capabilities with a line-up of low maintenance machines.

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Put The Pioneering Technology of Combilift to Work For You

When space is limited or you are tasked with an especially awkward or long load, Combilift offers a wide range of multi-directional forklift options as the solution.  Innovation and ingenuity are the standard with Combilift, and it is undeniable that the products that represent this brand stand out among their competitors.

It is its versatility that makes Combilift difficult to ignore. Combilift offers innovative, multi directional capabilities allowing operators to maneuver easily in narrow aisles and crowded areas.

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In the News: Shoppa’s Saginaw Achieves ASEC Certification

Shoppa’s Material Handling is delighted to announce that its Saginaw branch has been awarded Toyota’s After Sales Service Evaluation & Certification (ASEC) status. Achieving ASEC status is an accolade from Toyota Japan – Toyota Material Handling’s parent organization. Toyota team members are encouraged to adopt and grow under “Kaizen” – a word that embodies continuous improvement in all endeavors. Exhibiting Kaizen as part of improving organization in order to improve customer service at a Toyota material handling dealership is a key first step in becoming an ASEC dealer.

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Take a Load Off: How Burden Carriers Are a Useful Addition to Your Warehouse

Don’t judge burden carriers by their small size, for what they lack in stature, they more than make up for in their strength, maneuverability, and efficiency. These budget-friendly vehicles not only can increase productivity in your warehouse but are also environmentally friendly. 

The versatility of burden carriers makes them one of the more useful pieces of equipment in a warehouse.  Their capabilities are wide-ranging, making their usefulness difficult to ignore.  The question is, though, how best can you put burden carriers to work for you in your facility? 

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Five Reasons to Implement Cloud-Based Robotics in Your Warehouse


The use of robotics and automation in factories, warehouses, and other material handling operations is not a new concept; however, the evolution of the technological advances in the field of robotics is difficult to ignore, and we’re seeing an undeniable advantage in the implementation of cloud-based robotics.  This is a trend that you will definitely want to follow!

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Our Experts Deliver Solutions That Take Your Supply Chain to The Next Level

Technological advances in supply chain management are developing at lightning speed, and one of the costliest mistakes that a business owner can make is to be caught behind the curve in the cutting-edge technologies available to enhance your supply chain operations. No matter the industry, medical, construction, educational, food and beverage, automotive, or retail, customer expectations are higher than ever, and the pressure to not only meet but to exceed their expectations has never been more crucial.

Optimizing the supply chain is a challenge for any industry, and in the era of the global economy, the demands upon the supply chain is evolving at a record pace.  The success of your business is inextricably connected to the supply chain’s ability to meet the increasing demands of the global market. 

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