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5th Annual National Forklift Safety Day

5th Annual National Forklift Safety Day

Shoppa’s Supports Forklift Safety

The Industrial Truck Association is sponsoring its 5th annual National Forklift Safety Day on June 12, 2018. OSHA’s statistics concerning forklift accidents and fatalities are troubling, and Shoppa’s and Toyota are strong supporters of initiatives to promote awareness of safe forklift operating procedures. There are many steps everyone from owners down to employees can take to make the workplace safer. Safety should be everybody’s top concern – everybody wants to go home after their shift.

How Can You Help?

Know the law. Forklift operators must be 18 years of age or older. All forklift operators must take and pass OSHA-mandated operator training.

  • Employers must train, evaluate and ensure competence of forklift operators
  • Employers must re-train after an accident, near miss, observed unsafe operations, change in equipment or operating conditions
  • Employers must re-evaluate forklift operators every 3 years
  • Site and equipment specific training is required
  • Nobody under the age of 18 is allowed to operate a forklift

Only trained and authorized individuals can legally operate forklifts. 

Forklift Safety is Everybody’s Job

Making an environment safe for the usage of forklifts – and any material handling equipment – means being aware of the people, places and things in the area. A busy workplace presents many challenges, including noise and other distractions. But there are many ways to mitigate and solve these issues and it takes everybody’s help. Some tips for a safer working environment include:

  • Keeping areas well ventilated
  • Keeping areas well lit and clean
  • Keeping distractions to a minimum (cell phone use should be discouraged in forklift or other equipment moving areas)
  • Having regular safety meetings so that everybody from the operator to pedestrians understands their role

Shoppa’s can help you make forklift safety a priority. We offer forklift training courses at our location or yours. And you can save 10% during the month of June on safety training when you mention this promo. Contact us today to reserve your seat.

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