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Investing in your own floor cleaning equipment has many benefits, including being able to control the operation in house, saving money and providing scheduling convenience. Productivity increases when employees work in a clean facility. Shoppa’s understands there are many choices when looking at floor cleaning solutions and that’s why we partner with Advance, a company that has been designing and building high-performance debris collection systems for more than 100 years.

With an Advance combination sweeper/scrubber, you can count on cutting your sweeping and scrubbing time nearly in half, doubling your floor cleaning productivity. Innovation comes out on top with these durable and cost-savings machines. Built to last and built to be maintenance easy, Advance’s sweeper/scrubber options deliver superior performance.

Performance & Features

  • Sweep and scrub in a single pass, for the same level of clean in about half the time Get the same level of clean in half the time with
  • One-Touch™ electronic function controls conveniently located for safe, simple operation
  • Rugged construction with durable components assures years of reliable performance
  • Open access to all critical systems for easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic operator compartments provide safety and comfort
  • Clear-View™ design provides unobstructed views of critical sweep zones

Contact a Shoppa's representative today to learn more about our Advance Sweeper-Scrubber options and find out which model will effectively double your floor cleaning efficiency.

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