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As a dedicated one-stop, full-service Toyota forklift dealer, Shoppa’s is proud to bring you the Aichi E-Series Scissor Lifts. As you look at warehouse and fleet integration, Aichi is a perfect complement to your other Toyota material handling products such as forklifts, pallet jacks, reach trucks and more.

The Aichi E-Series offers unique design elements to make your operation more efficient and cost effective, including:

  • Brushless AC drive motors offer smooth and effortless control of the lift while decreasing service and maintenance time
  • Tool-less onboard diagnostics and tuning capabilities provide quick and easy adjustment of lift’s parameters
  • Easy to access slide-out battery trays for service or replacement. Tool-less ability to check hydraulic oil levels without elevating the platform is a plus.
  • Unmatched travel and lift/lower speed increases productivity.

As with all Toyota products, operator safety is paramount. The E-Series lifts are ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue and risk of injury.

Aichi SV1930E Scissor Lift

Aichi SV1930E Scissor Lift

With its platform height of 19 ft., this model offers the fastest time of any of our other models with its 26 second lift time and 30 second lower time. Offer unparalleled flexibility with this 29.9” width model, which can fit into narrow indoor and outdoor spaces and transport up to 500 lbs. at 228”.

Aichi SV2632E Scissor Lift

Aichi SV2632E Scissor Lift

This product is perfect for transporting material higher and faster than other similar-height models. At a lift time of 33 seconds and a lower time of 37 seconds, SV2632E can lift up to 500 lbs. at 306” and 800 lbs. at 236”. In addition to this product’s efficiency, its overall width of 31.9” makes it perfect for flexibility in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Aichi SV3246E Scissor Lift

Aichi SV3246E Scissor Lift

This model has the highest combined platform height (32 ft.) and weight capacity (700 lbs. at 381” and 1,000 lbs. at 311”) of any of our other scissor lifts. With SV3246E’s overall width of 46.1” and lift time (55 seconds) plus lower time (60 seconds), you’ll be able to lift larger amounts of material in a matter of minutes.

Aichi SV2646E Scissor Lift

This scissor lift is great for lifting heavier weights to the same height as lower-capacity models. With a platform height of 26 ft. and an overall width of 46.1”, you can lift up to 1,000 lbs. of material at 311”. And with a lift time of 40 seconds and a lower time of 50 seconds, you’ll be able to lift more material while only sacrificing a few seconds compared to similar-height models.

Aichi SV2032E Scissor Lift

This 31.9” width model has a lift time of 28 seconds and a lower time of 40 seconds. What you lose in time, you’ll gain in platform capacity and height. With an overall width of 31.9” and a platform capacity of 800 lbs. at 240”, this model is ideal for heavier material, and you’ll only sacrifice a few seconds in return for heightened capacity.

Shoppa’s offers flexible financing options, as well as rental packages to fit any budget. We also offer training that meets or exceeds OSHA standards at our Fort Worth location, as well as at your facility.

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