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It’s not always efficient and cost-saving to use your heavier equipment to move materials, product and people around. Shoppa’s Material Handling partners with Cushman to offer you a reliable, budget-friendly, environmentally-sound and hard-working alternative in a line of utility vehicles to answer the call.

Built to last, Cushman Burden Carriers offer the ability to quickly haul from 300 pounds in the Minute Miser up to 3,000 pounds in the Titan XD. With two-to-four passenger capabilities, along with an option perfect for narrow aisles, the electric Cushman Burden Carriers offer superior solutions to keeping you up and running at max speed.

With the Cushman Tug Tow Tractor, you can choose between 5,000 pound and 8,000 pound towing capacity. Electric, easy to use and built with an adaptable towing connection, this Tug will quickly show how much pull it has in your warehouse.

When you need to get personnel and lighter loads of equipment from Point A to Point B in the maximum time possible, a Cushman Personnel Transport is the most efficient solution. With five models to choose from, plus the ability to customize, there’s a cost-saving option here for you.

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