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Buying a Landoll Drexel SwingMast Narrow Aisle Forklift is like buying four pieces of equipment in one machine, with the ability to act as a conventional counterbalanced lift truck, a reach truck, sideloader and turret truck. Drexel Swing Mast trucks have a 90 degree rotating and shifting mast, giving the lift truck operator the option to use the lift truck as a front or side loader. This allows the Drexel SwingMast series greater flexibility when stacking pallets or long loads in aisles as narrow four feet.

Shoppa’s is proud to offer this versatile, cost-effective line of forklifts to help you maximize your resources and profits by making the best use of your space. Available in electric and internal combustion (IC) powered models, let a professional Shoppa’s representative show you how to get four uses out of one forklift.

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