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What is Fetch?

Fetch is the first in innovative material handling solutions for cloud-driven Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) warehouse and distribution center solutions. Fetch is designed to make integrating robotics into your existing operation not only easier and with fewer difficult IT challenges, but, also, to provide you with the must-have information necessary to make instantaneous decisions on warehouse applications and workflow. Fetch robotics help with your automated material transport, automated data collection and robotic platforms research.

At Shoppa’s Material Handling, we’ve partnered with Fetch to bring you the only AMR solution that:

  • DOES NOT require installing new IT systems, saving you time and money
  • ADAPTS to your current (and future) needs as they exist or change
  • DELIVERS data critical to the decisions impacting your productivity and efficiency

Most material handling warehouse and distribution centers have already begun integrating robotics and automation into their operations – don’t get left behind. Fetch’s easy integration helps you make the most of your robotics investment.

AMRs add significantly to your existing warehouse workforce WITHOUT devaluing your current workforce.

AMRs actually make the workplace safer and more productive, allowing trained personnel to perform more vital work. When AMRs work in areas heavily congested with forklift and personnel, accidents and injuries tend to go down. AMRs also reduce common warehouse injuries involving backs and knees as they can easily perform repetitive lifting activities, as well as cover lots of ground.

Many companies that employ robotics alongside human workers see their efficiency and productivity improve dramatically, as well as seeing a three-to-six month ROI.

Contact a Shoppa's representative today to find out more about how Fetch can help you manage your warehouse and distribution center robotic integration.

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