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Shoppa’s Material Handling carries the full-line of JLG Boom Lifts to meet the aerial equipment needs of our customers. When you need to get a job done up high without disturbing things underneath, a JLG articulated boom lift will provide your answer. As warehouse space becomes more valuable in your material handling operation, you’ll need safe, efficient and cost-effective ways to access your vertical storage opportunities.

When your production throughput outpaces scaffolding and ladders, it’s time to look at new options. A Shoppa’s representative is available to explain how a JLG boom lift will integrate seamlessly into your current operation to add safety, savings and good sense.

JLG Boom Lift Models Include:

  • Engine Powered Booms
  • Six (IC) Articulating Booms
  • Five (IC) Telescopic Boom models
  • Electric & Hybrid Boom Lifts
  • Five Compact Crawler Boom models
  • Three Toucan Mast Boom Lift model

Shoppa’s offers flexible financing, as well as various rental packages to help you find the custom solution that fits your needs. With Shoppa’s emphasis on safety, we also offer aerial training that meets OSHA standards so your workers will know how to safely use the equipment.

Contact a Shoppa's representative today to learn more about our JLG Boom Lift options!

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