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Shoppa’s Material Handling understands that there are a myriad of reasons why renting a piece of equipment makes more sense than purchasing. At Shoppa’s, we have rental packages to match your company’s current needs.

Although in the long-term, renting can be more expensive than purchasing, there are also times when renting makes more sense and can save money:

A Seasonal Uptick

Some companies experience a strong seasonal uptick in business – which means there are also times when business isn’t quite so gangbusters. Renting makes sense when you need to increase the size of your fleet temporarily, but don’t want an expensive piece of equipment gathering dust during lag times.

The Maintenance Drag

For some, not having to keep up with maintenance makes sense. With a long-term rental, Shoppa’s takes care of service schedules and replaces wear items for you.

Freeing Up Capital Assets

Purchasing a piece of equipment ties up fixed assets capital. Maybe at this point, there’s a better place to put that money to grow your business. Additionally, if your company is new and has limited credit, renting is a good option to get things moving.

Kick The Tires

Trying before you buy. Got your eye on a couple of new equipment options? Maybe deciding on features? Renting the latest technology and kicking the tires is a good way to help you decide which one will work best for you.

Logistics Drain

For companies that have multiple locations spread across significant distances, having a rental delivered when needed may make more sense than the logistical headaches and cost of scheduling and moving pieces of machinery in house. Shoppa’s has nine locations in north Texas and Missouri and we’re ready to help you solve those issues.

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A forklift purchase is a serious investment. Renting is a good option to test and make sure it fits your needs.
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