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Toyota 360 Support
Toyota 360 Support is designed to not only keep your forklift running, but also to keep you ahead of the curve as the material handling industry changes. As part of Toyota 360 Support, you’ll have access to Toyota Advanced Logistics that provides proprietary insights and exclusive access to Toyota’s new technologies and equipment – including picking systems and automatic guided vehicles.

Toyota 360 Support comes with the Toyota 360 Service Request App, allowing you to have instantaneous access to a Shoppa’s certified technician. Long downtimes and waiting for service are a thing of the past with Toyota 360 Support – you’ll have a four-hour response time for an emergency, plus a two-year warranty on parts and labor. Of course, you’ll minimize the risk of emergencies and downtime if you choose to update to Toyota 360 Support Plus, which gives you a planned maintenance program.

With the purchase of a Toyota forklift, you’ve made an investment and become part of the Toyota family – and we’ve got you covered. An industry study by Peerless Research Group shows that Toyota forklifts ranked number one in lowest cost of ownership. There’s a reason for that. Toyota 360 Support comes standard as part of Toyota’s industry-leading warranty – there’s no extra charge. Add that to Toyota’s rating of highest in quality, reliability and value and you have a winning combination that maximizes, optimizes and grows your business.

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Dealer Locations (USA)
Certified Technicians
Hours Response Time
Years Genuine Parts Warranty
Toyota 360 comes standard with the Toyota dealer network expertise with access to certified technicians, lowest cost of ownership, industry leading safety, guaranteed response time, genuine parts warranty, TCF partnership and standard product warranty. Why? Because your business is riding on it.