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Need to move heavy items from one place to another with a minimum of fuss? Budget friendly and great for smaller spaces, Toyota pallet jacks, walkies and stackers are an ideal and versatile addition to any warehouse fleet. The overall operating cost is generally less than a traditional forklift and they are easy to use.

With the Toyota Electric Walkie Pallet Jack, there’s no need to waste valuable time weighing loads since this piece of equipment comes with a unique factory option for an integrated fork scale which will calculate weight as the load is lifted. With a 4,500 lbs. load capacity, it’s ideal for mid-distance runs as well as loading and unloading trailers.

Toyota’s Large Electric Walkie Pallet Jack will move up to 6,000 lbs. efficiently through the warehouse environment. With its ergonomic design that includes a multifunction control handle, adjustable height control handle and bubble-cushioned operator floor mat, padded backrest and knee pad, this piece of equipment is designed to move product competently while being operator friendly.

The End-Controlled and Center-Controlled Rider Pallet Jacks carry up to 8,000 lbs. and have a 96” fork option for order picking. Toyota’s End-Controlled Pallet Jack can work in aisles with a minimum width of 92”, while the Center Controlled Pallet Jacks needs a minimum of 105”.

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