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toyota narrow aisle

Using less warehouse space to store, stack and pick product is great news for your bottom line, but presents unique situations for you and your employees. Growing your fleet with narrow aisle specialty machines makes sense because Toyota offers order pickers, single reach trucks and double reach trucks that perform – or even outperform – traditional warehouse equipment in every situation.

Reach Trucks

As you plan the best and most profitable way to utilize your warehouse space, you’ll need to consider how to navigate in narrow aisles, how high up you want to go and how much lift capacity your reach trucks can handle in order to maximize your bottom line while providing safe working conditions. Toyota’s narrow aisle reach trucks have up to 4,500 lbs. in lift capacity and can go as high as 30.5’. Shoppa’s representatives are here to help you decide if you need 24 or 36 volt power and length of battery compartment (14.5”-21.5”). With more than 500 engineering improvements, Toyota reach trucks are the high level warehouse solution.

Order Pickers

If your warehouse applications require continuous item selection from racks or shelves for order fulfillment, an order picker will be the most efficient way to accomplish this task. Budget friendly and narrow aisle designed, order pickers allow employees to access individual items to fill orders. Toyota’s order pickers are easy to maintain, have a 3,000 lbs. lifting capacity and are able to navigate in 4-5’ aisles. They have a lift height greater than 26’, as well as self diagnostics and power steering.