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OSHA- Required Forklift & Aerial Equipment Training

To combat accidents and deaths in the work environment, OSHA mandates training and procedures for safety. Merely showing your employees a video on equipment safety is not acceptable.

All industrial-powered truck operators must be certified to operate the equipment legally. Re-certification is required every three years. It is essential to check to see if your current operators are still in compliance.

We provide training that meets or exceeds OSHA standards at our Fort Worth location, as well as at your facility. Shoppa’s experienced instructors will train your employees on your current equipment, as well as equipment purchased or rented from Shoppa’s.

We supply course performance and attendance documentation for any of your employees who complete the training, along with certificates and licenses after completing the hands-on evaluation at your facility, as required by law.

To secure space for your operator at a safety training class, contact us at 866-506-2200.

Operator Training Courses

    If you have hired new forklift and equipment operators, Shoppa’s can bridge the gap with our in-house operator training opportunities.

    • Learn from certified instructors about proper equipment use and warehouse safety
    • Receive training on-site or virtually in just four hours
    • Schedule a time that works for you and your team

    Shoppa’s schedules this four-hour course to accommodate your employees during regular working hours. The course’s focus is to train the students on the equipment used at your company currently. Employees will also receive a wall-sized certification upon completion.

    Offered on the second Tuesday of each month, this training is available at Shoppa’s Fort Worth location or by appointment at your facility.

    Train the Trainer Course

    This option allows your managers to become certified trainers. Once certified, this person would be responsible for the forklift safety training of your employees. Managers can complete the course in six hours at the Fort Worth location.

    Upon completion of the course, we will issue certification documents along with a complete training kit containing:

    • Videos
    • A trainers guide
    • An operator training manual
    • Wall-size certificates of completion

    Aerial Training Course

    Whether the job is retrieving products from a height in a warehouse with a scissor lift or using a boom lift for working close to buildings or on high reaching structures, Shoppa’s has the aerial equipment to meet your needs – and the proper training to use it safely and effectively.

    Training for aerial equipment includes avoiding falls, electric shock, entanglements or contact with other objects or ceilings, tip-overs, and more.