Toyota Process Consulting Serving Texas Since 1981

Improve Your Operation with the Toyota Corporation’s Time-Tested Principles

Are you looking to make your warehouse more efficient, maximize your storage capacity, or increase your product’s quality? Shoppa’s Toyota Lean Management (TLM) advisors help businesses optimize their current processes, reduce operational waste, and create additional value for their customers.

Toyota Production System (TPS) Consulting

At its core the Toyota Production System (TPS) is a comprehensive process for developing an internal production system that is vastly more streamlined and efficient. The ultimate objective is to increase processes that add value within the material handling environment, and to continuously eliminate those defined as non-value add, resulting in increased perceived value for the end customer.

As an end-to-end supply chain solutions provider, our goal at Shoppa’s is to take the key tenets of Toyota Production System Consulting and develop a roadmap that will help your business strive to continuously eliminate waste in the distribution environment, thereby improving operational performance. It is through the lens of the Toyota Production System that our team of dedicated Shoppa’s engineers will examine your operations utilizing an established 5-step process:

      1. Lean Assessment: During this first stage, we assess your operations from a Lean Production standpoint – analyzing the value stream for your products, identifying key non-value add activities, and defining process waste.
      2. Define Opportunities: Our next step is to identify opportunities within the existing system framework. Once defined, we prioritize those opportunities with the highest potential to positively impact the end customer from a quality, cost, and delivery standpoint.
      3. Solutions Design: Following the identification of space saving and/or time saving opportunities, our team of engineer’s custom design a solution using internal data to assist in the implementation decision. Within this period all solutions are tested against pre-determined budget and timeline considerations.
      4. Solutions Implementation: During this step, our team of engineers will implement the selected solutions utilizing a series of project quality checkpoints. Each stage of the implementation is defined with pre-set criteria, ensuring all solutions are delivered and installed on time, and on budget.
      5. Continuous Improvement: Following solutions implementation, our dedicated team will remain engaged in an effort to measure key performance improvements and to ensure all new processes are being executed as planned. They will also continuously examine performance for opportunities to eliminate non-value add processes, ensuring optimal operational results.

    Toyota Lean Management (TLM) Consulting

    Our approach is tailored to meet your needs. After an initial review of your business needs, we will assemble a team of experts who understand the challenges you’re experiencing and know how to overcome them.

    We then work with you to develop and implement solutions that save you money, add value for your customer, and improve your products and operation.

    Our process is defined by the success it has created for companies just like yours! For each project, we follow the same, precise steps:

    • Assemble a team of experts focused on your business
    • Conduct an application and LEAN assessment
    • Develop solutions together that meet or exceed your financial goals
    • Work in partnership to implement solutions that save you money
    • Measure the results and impact on improving your products and operation
    • Continue learning to add value for your customer

    To learn more about Shoppa’s Toyota Lean Management Consulting, please contact us at 866-506-2200.