Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems Ideal for Inventory Management

Let Technology Do the Heavy Lifting

Driven by sophisticated software, an AS/RS system is an optimal solution for managing an inventory of stored items. See how these solutions can take your efficiency to the next level.

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Unit Load AS/RS

Unit Load systems provide automated and cost effective bulk reserve storage solutions for a wide range of warehouse applications. Ideal for storing pallet loads of raw materials or finished goods, Unit Load systems are designed to deliver a compact building footprint while providing rapid, secure storage and retrieval.

Stacker Cranes
Unitload AS/RS
Rack-Supported Building AS/RS
Miniload AS/RS
Multi Shuttle AS/RS
Shuttle-based Pallet Storage Systems
Omni-Mole AS/RS

Why Consider an Automated Storage & Retrieval System?

Storage is an important and fundamental requirement of virtually all material handling environments. On one hand storage adds immense value by providing the necessary buffer between your operations and your customers. On the other hand it contributes to costs in land, building, and inventory. That’s where an Automated Storage and Retrieval System comes in. An integrated AS/RS system is designed to specifically minimize and mobilize your stock. They secure products, minimize damage and boost productivity and accuracy. All while providing savings in time, money and physical footprint.

What are the Types of AS/RS Systems?

Whether used for larger loads like pallets and heavier equipment or smaller loads like totes and cases, there are a number of Automated Storage and Retrieval solutions available. From Unitload, Stacker Crane and Pallet Shuttle solutions for more robust material handling to Miniload and Multishuttle orientations to aid in smaller, higher density storage and retrieval, the right AS/RS system can drive effective cost and space efficiencies.

Benefits of a AS/RS Systems:

  • Optimized distribution footprint
  • Higher labor productivity
  • Enhanced inventory accuracy
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced inventory shrinkage and theft


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