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A Cleaner Warehouse is a Safer Warehouse

Don’t let dirt and debris cause unnecessary damage to your critical warehouse equipment and systems. Our sweepers and floor scrubbers industry partners at Powerboss and Factory Cat provide the proper industrial floor cleaners to do the dirty work.

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Featured Product

XR v2

The Factory Cat sweeper/scrubber stands out in its field. Equipped with spacious solution and recovery tanks, a wide scrub path, and dual vacuum motors as a standard feature, this ride-on auto scrubber ensures swift and effective cleaning of extensive facilities.

Featured Product: Powerboss Nautilus

Powerboss Nautilus

Professional cleaning results come easily with the Nautilus thanks to two Eaton hydraulic motors and dual 45-inch cylindrical brushes that rotate up to 425 times per minute.

Factory Cat & Powerboss Floor Scrubbers

Pilot v2 Battery Micro Ride-On Floor Scrubber

Solution Tank Capacity:
22 gal – 23 gal
Squeegee Width: 25” – 28”

Micro Mag Battery Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Solution Tank Capacity:
10 gal – 10 gal
Squeegee Width: 25” – 28”

Mag-HD Battery Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Solution Tank Capacity:
35 gal – 37 gal
Squeegee Width: 17” – 20”

Powerboss Nautilus

Solution Tank Capacity – 105 gallon
Squeegee Width – 56”

Powerboss Scrubmaster B120

Solution Tank Capacity – 32 Gallons
Squeegee Width – 37” – 48”

Powerboss Scrubmaster B175

Solution Tank Capacity – 46 Gallons

Advance Rider Scrubbers

Solution Tank Capacity:
12 gal – 100 gal
Squeegee Width: 17″ – 57″

Advance Walk Behind Scrubbers

Solution Tank Capacity:
.8 gal – 30 gal
Squeegee Width: 12.6″ – 35.5″

Advance Combination Machines

Solution Tank Capacity:
75 gal – 100 gal
Squeegee Width: 53.1″ – 54″

Factory Cat & Powerboss Floor Sweepers

TR Rider Floor Sweeper

Main Broom Length:
10″ – 26″
Unit Length: 58” x 31” x 38”

34 Battery Walk Behind Floor Sweeper

Main Broom Length:
10″ – 26″
Unit Length: 58” x 31” x 38”

XR v2 Sweeper Scrubber

Main Broom Length:
40” – 46”
Unit Length: 77” x 43” x 59”

Powerboss Armadillo

Main Broom Length – 36in – 56in
Unit Length – 79in – 105.88in


Main Broom Length – 48in
Unit Length – 98.75


Main Broom Length – 28in – 58in
Unit Length – 59” – 78.6”

Advance Rider Sweepers

Main Broom Length:
28″ – 50″
Unit Length: 58.3″ – 95″

Advance Walk Behind Sweepers

Main Broom Length:
8″ – 24″
Unit Length: 39″ – 55″

Advance Manual Sweepers

Main Broom Length:
Unit Length: 52″ – 57.8″

Rental Units Available

Looking to rent a sweeper, scrubber or combination machine? We have a huge selection of units available for rent by the day, week, month or even longer. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Unsurpassed Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment

Commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment is designed to increase productivity and safety by creating a clean warehouse environment. Clean aisles and floors don’t just look good — they contribute to the safety and health of your workforce, and they protect your material handling equipment by keeping dust and debris from damaging mechanical components. If you’re ready to experience the productivity boost that these powerful machines can deliver, we invite you to take a sweeper or scrubber for a spin.

What to Look For

Depending on your application, you may need a sweeper, a scrubber, or a combination machine that can perform both functions. Here are the key things to look for when assessing which machine is right for your environment.

Size & Cleaning Path

The size of the area you need cleaned needs to be considered when deciding which machine to purchase. If you buy a machine that’s too large, it might not fit in and around aisles or equipment. But on the other hand, if you buy a machine that’s too small, it could take longer than necessary to clean your space.

Cylindrical or Disc Configuration

Scrubbers or sweepers generally utilize either a cylindrical or disc configuration.

• On a cylindrical machine, the scrub head contains two long cylindrical brushes. A cylindrical scrubber allows workers to skip pre-sweeping because the brushes are designed to sweep larger debris into a debris hopper.

• Disc machines use a high-speed rotary disc to power away dirt and hard-to-remove material. These easy-to-operate machines can be used for wet applications and polishing, as well.

Let Us Help You Clean House

Each of Powerboss’ and FactoryCat’s models are available with an array of features and user controls, so whether you are just looking to keep aisles free of dust or needing to do some powerful cleaning, we can help you find the right unit. Contact a Shoppa’s representative today at 866-506-2200 to get started.

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