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Increase productivity by quickly and safely delivering materials throughout your facility.

Featured Product

Core Tow Tractor

An electric workhorse capable of towing up to 10,000 lbs., the Toyota Core Tow Tractor is the right electric tugger for just about any application.

Tow Tractors

Core Tow Tractor

Towing Capacity:
10,000 lbs

Mid Tow Tractor

Towing Capacity:
8,800 – 13,200 lbs

Large Tow Tractor

Towing Capacity:
59,500 lbs

Cushman Tow Tractors

Towing Capacity:
650 lbs

Burden Carriers

Cushman Burden Carrier Vehicle

Towing Capacity:
550 – 3,000 lbs

Rental Units Available

Looking to rent a tow tractor? We have a huge selection of units available for rent by the day, week, month or even longer. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

How Utility Vehicles Can Maximize Your Productivity

In industrial applications, a utility vehicle is a motorized vehicle that is designed to carry out a specific task, such as hauling small loads, carrying personnel over short distances or pulling/towing wheeled freight. Small and relatively simple as they may be, these vehicles play an important role in many applications and can increase efficiency and productivity in ways you might not expect.

Depending on your application and needs, there are several options for a utility vehicle. At Shoppa’s, the two primary categories of utility vehicles we provide to customers are Tow Tractors and Burden Carriers.

Toyota Tow Tractors

Ready to work and get the job done, the Core Tow Tractor comes equipped with 24-volt drive system and regenerative braking. The Toyota cart tugger also can handle a 10,000 lb. lift capacity to boost productivity and efficiency.

Whether you’re in need of a sit-down or stand-up version, the versatile Mid Tow Tractor is a power player that comes equipped with productivity boosting ergonomics and quick acceleration to keep your operation in it for the long haul.

With maximum tugging capacity of over 50,000 lbs., quick acceleration, and superior gradeability, Toyota’s Large Tow Tractor is powerhouse is ideal for maneuvering around planes and ground support equipment.

Burden Carriers

Our line of Cushman® burden carriers were designed to take on the heavy lifting for you, bringing tons of hauling potential to every workday. These nearly indestructible machines are perfect for factory and warehouse applications and can make a dramatic impact on your overall efficiency.

From moving small loads of cargo to hauling or towing tons of material, these burden carriers will earn their keep with every shift.