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Viking Batteries / Chargers Serving Texas Since 1981

Unlimited Storage Solutions for Your Growing Business

When it Comes to Your Warehouse, Viking Power is Enmeshed into Every Aspect of Running a High Powered Operation. From Planning and Consultation to Training and Usage, From Implementation and Optimization to Disposal and Recycling, We Are Your Power Partner at Every Turn.

Power Optimization

We help you form tailored solutions that will optimize energy consumption and reduce warehouse operational costs.
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Batteries & Chargers

Viking Power offers full service lines of both forklift batteries and chargers that maximize forklift uptime and keep your equipment running through one, two, and three shift scenarios.
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Battery Service & Rental

Viking Power, Shoppa’s energy solution provider, meets your energy needs with 24/7 on-call service and preventative maintenance plans to help protect your equipment investment.
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Power Studies

In these power studies you can see how Viking Power has provided our clients with strategies leading to energy efficiency and cost savings.
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Optimization Solutions

Are you facing challenges in your Power Optimization?

Viking Power is more than just batteries & charger – we help you form tailored solutions that will optimize energy consumption and reduce costs. Reduce your carbon footprint and save on electricity costs by investing in Viking Power’s energy solutions. Request a Power Study from Viking Power today!

Let Us Take On The Maintenance

The Viking Power Service team focuses on providing fast, reliable service for all of your batteries and charging terminals. We also preventative maintenance to minimize the likelihood of equipment failure. With Viking behind you, power will never be an issue that slows you down. Contact us today at 866-506-2200.

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