Forklift Service & Repair Serving Texas Since 1981

40 Years of Forklift Service Expertise

Whether you have a forklift down or have one that’s due for maintenance, the bottom line is that the longer your lift truck isn’t running, the more opportunities you could be missing.

Shoppa’s Material Handling’s forklift service experts are here to get your truck back in action, no matter when you need us. We provide a full range of service and repair for Class I-VII powered industrial trucks, including both Toyota and non-Toyota forklifts.

The Best in the Business – Toyota Certified Technicians

All of our forklift service work is performed by our team of more than 200 Certified Toyota Technicians. These technicians’ extensive training and ongoing education puts them among an elite tier in the material handling industry, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

We’ll Come to You

One of the key advantages to partnering with Shoppa’s for forklift service is our extensive fleet of fully-equipped mobile service vans. With these state-of-the art vans, our Certified Toyota Technicians are able to service your forklift or forklift fleet at your location, saving you precious time and hassle. In most situations, we can have a technician on-site at your location within four hours of receiving your request.

Forklift Repairs

Forklifts are tough machines, there’s no doubt about it. But they also do a hard job, sometimes under harsh circumstances. While thing like hydraulic leaks, no-start/won’t start incidents, brake issues or overheating can certainly disrupt operations, they’re common issues that our team can repair quickly.

Accidental Forklift Damage Repair

Machines that move quickly in busy environments can also easily become damaged due to collisions with other forklifts, building structures, merchandise, racking systems or any number of objects. Thanks to a well-stocked parts department, we can quickly repair any damaged components and get your forklift back in action. Keep in mind, our operator training programs can help you and your team avoid damage incidents in the first place.

Avoid Downtime with a Shoppa’s Maintenance Program

We offer a variety of service programs designed to meet any service schedule or budget. Two of the most common are our Planned Maintenance (PM) or Full Maintenance programs. Planned Maintenance provides routine servicing of your forklift at regularly scheduled intervals, while our more comprehensive Full Maintenance programs (all of which include PM) also include a number of convenient and cost efficient features to maximize your forklift’s performance and avoid costly downtime.

Need Service Now?

Simply call us at 866-506-2200 or submit a service request form, and a member of our service team will get your service appointment scheduled as soon as possible.