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A Shoppa’s conveyor solution can help you move a variety of goods safely and efficiently, which translates to faster fulfillment and higher throughput.

Featured Product

Accumulating Roller Conveyor

Using proximity sensors, accumulating roller conveyors are used to temporarily stop, hold, and release materials in a precise and zero-contact manner. Accumulating roller conveyors are excellent solutions for cases or products that need to accumulate or queue up prior to merging, being sorted or routed into fulfillment or put away processes.

Roller Conveyors

Gravity Roller Conveyors
Powered Roller Conveyors
Accumulating Roller Conveyors
Curve Roller Conveyors
Merge Roller Conveyor

Belt Conveyors

Straight Belt Conveyor
Inclined Belt Conveyor
Curve Belt Conveyor
Space Alignment & Speed-up Belt Conveyor

Additional Conveyor Types

Flexible Conveyor
Motorized Roller (MDR) Conveyor
Gravity Conveyor
Low-Speed Conveyor
High-Speed Conveyor
Inbound/Outbound Conveyor

Why Consider a Conveyor System?

Conveyor systems provide an invaluable function in the material handling space: to transport goods of various sizes in the most efficient and effective manner. Whether it be cases, totes, trays, poly bags or parcel envelopes an integrated conveyor system can allow for the highly efficient flow of all types of material.

What are the Types of Conveyor Systems

When it comes to conveyor solutions, custom designs are generally implemented to allow for application-specific optimization. Most systems come in standard widths and configurations — horizontal, inclining, declining, straight, curved or angled and are available with rollers or belted conveyor surfaces. Solutions are designed to handle a variety of functions, including transportation, accumulation, gapping and sorting.

Benefits of a Conveyor System

  • Greater, more efficient performance
  • Functional flexibility
  • Spacial adaptability
  • Environmental scalability


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