Powerboss Apex Sweeper

The Apex series of machines are capable of long run times of up to 10 hours for the LPG, gas and diesel models and up to 3 hours for the battery model. This series also features large wheels that keep the driver comfortable on uneven surfaces and allow effortless mounting of curbs, large coarse dirt flaps that pickup even large items like wood and stones, and a 60-inch high dump hopper that makes emptying debris into larger containers simple.

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Powerboss Apex 47 Specifications

Dust Filter 30.14 cubic ft. (2.8 sq. m.)
Height 52″ (132 cm)
Length w/ Side Broom 59″ (150 cm)
Main Broom 28″ (71 cm)
Performance (2 side brooms) 77,500 sq ft / hr (7200 sq m / hr)
Sweep Speed 4 mph
Turning Radius 70″ (178 cm)
Weight 970 lbs (440 kg)
Width 50″ (127 cm)
Working Speed 4 mph
Cleaning Width (2 side brooms) 47″ (119 cm)

Powerboss Apex 58 Specifications

Specifications Apex 58V Apex 58D Apex 58E
Sweep width 31.5”(80cm) 31.5”(80cm) 31.5”(80cm)
with 1st side broom 45”(115cm) 45”(115cm) 45”(115cm)
with 2nd side broom 58”(147cm) 58”(147cm) 58”(147cm)
Sweep. perform. (1st SB), theor. 110,868sq.ft.(10,300m2) 110,86sq.ft.(10,300m2) 99,028sq.ft.(9,200m2)
Dirt container capacity 34G(130L) 34G(130L) 34G(130L)
Discharge height 56”(142cm) 56”(142cm) 56”(142cm)
Filter surface area 54 sq.ft.(5.0m2) 54 sq.ft.(5.0m2) 54 sq.ft.(5.0m2)
Climbing ability 18% 18% 16%
Motor B&S 2 cyl. Vanguard Lombardini 2 cyl. Battery Operated
Output (max.) 16HP(11.9kw) 13.4HP(9.8kw) 5.7 HP(4.3kw)
Output (at 2550 1/min.) 11.1HP(8.1kw) 10.8HP(8kw) 5.7HP(4.3kw)
Sweeping speed 5.5mph(9.0km/h) 5.5mph(9.0km/h) 5mph(8.0km/h)
Operating weight 1,682lbs(763kg) 1,728lbs(784kg) 2,028lbs(920kg)
Width (fixed parts) 45”(1,142mm) 45”(1,142mm) 45”(1,142mm)
Length (fixed parts) 78.6”(1,998mm) 78.6”(1,998mm) 78.6”(1,998mm)
Height 60”(1,520mm) 60”(1,520mm) 60”(1,520mm)