ePicker Pallet Truck

Keep Your Operation Humming

ePicker’s line of lithium-ion battery powered pallet jacks brings reliable power to what is too often a manual pulling and pushing process. This puts your people at risk and makes the movement of goods slower. See how ePicker can help you work safe and work smart.

Capacity 2,600 – 4,000 lbs
Weight 288 – 450 lbs
Power Source 24V– 48V


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Capacity Max Lift Height Weight Power Source
EPT12 2,600 lbs 7.5 in 288 lbs 24V Lithium Battery
EPT20 3,000 lbs 7.5 in 450 lbs 24V AGM
EPT20LION 4,000 lbs 7.75 in 390 lbs 48V Lithium Battery
EPT15 3,000 lbs 7.5 in 450 24 V AGM
EPT16 3,300 lbs 7.5 in 308 24 V AGM
RPT22L 4400 7.5 in 1450 24 V AGM
ESP15 3000 Error N/A N/A