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Innovative Material Handling Solutions For A Variety Of Industries

At Shoppa’s, we are acknowledged as being one of the fastest growing forklift dealers in our area, but we are known for much more than that. We offer a vast array of products that offer material handling solutions across an array of industries. From designing and equipping a warehouse with the latest in innovative technology for space and maximization to providing efficient and economic ways to keep your supply chain and personnel moving to solutions for a smaller and greener footprint, we’ve got the professionals to help you reach and beat your bottom line goals – without compromising on safety and standards.

At Shoppa’s Material Handling, we are growing and expanding right along with our communities. Our product line showcases the latest in innovation and optimization to manage the various needs of material handling across a wide variety of industries. Don’t see your industry listed? Let us know. Contact us today to find out how we can help you realize and maximize your goals.

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healthcare medical equipment solutions


You are working under tight government controls and constantly changing regulations. You need warehouse distribution and storage solutions that work for you. At Shoppa’s, we’ve got warehouse solutions including pallet racking, storage, shelving and automation, plus industrial floor cleaning equipment, narrow aisle and aerial equipment, plus utility vehicles to move product and people.

contruction lumber forklift solution


From keeping a warehouse and a yard to moving dirt, Shoppa’s has solutions for the building and construction industry. Whether you are storing and moving lumber and wood or brick, block and pipe, we’ve got the industrial forklifts and equipment to help you optimize and maximize your efficiency and production. Let our professionally-trained staff show you how you can design and manage your ongoing business.

government university equipment solution

Campuses & Educational

Whether you are changing out lighting, scrubbing floors or starting new construction, Shoppa’s Material Handling has the solutions you need. Our portable aerial lift platforms provide safer stability than ladders, have work trays and can be used for a variety of functions indoor and out. We also carry Advance floor cleaning scrubbers and sweepers, with innovative technology to provide a superior clean with extra safety features. Moving people and supplies from one place to another can be easier, more efficient and a better use of time and resources with personnel carriers from E-Z-Go and Cushman vehicles.

food beverage equipment solution

Food & Beverage

Proper storage and adding and removing product can be efficiently and safely handled with Shoppa’s warehouse solutions, including pallet racking selections and innovative automation systems. With a variety of forklift selections in stacking and picking in different arenas, plus heavy duty options, Shoppa’s can help you get the most bang for your buck in productivity while keeping safety first in mind.

retail equipment solution


From unloading to stocking to picking, Shoppa’s Material Handling design professionals can help you manage your retail operations with efficiency and ease. With storage options, including pallet racking and shelving, a variety of stacking, picking and moving solutions from heavy duty to narrow aisle forklifts, and ways to get your personnel and product from point A to point B safely and economically, our professional and courteous staff have solutions to help you maximize and optimize your goals.