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Shoppa’s keeps a wide variety of high quality forklift tires in-stock so that we can quickly help you get the replacement tires you need for any kind of forklift or work environment.

While the array of tire materials, options and specifications available today can make one’s head spin, our experienced tire professionals will help you identify tire solutions that will support and enhance the productivity of your forklift while working within your budget. Our competitively priced tire inventory includes both affordable options as well as premium and specialty tires designed for the most rigorous of environments.

Just like your car, the tires you choose to put on your forklift are key assets that can keep your equipment and people safe, and help you avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

Tire Pressing & Mounting

Changing forklift tires is a job that should be handled by professionals because it requires special skills and equipment, such as a high-powered hydraulic press. At Shoppa’s, we offer tire pressing and mounting at each of our nine dealership locations, and can even serve customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area at their own locations, thanks to our mobile tire pressing unit. Contact us to schedule tire pressing or mounting.

Types of Forklift Tires

Finding the right tire for your specific application starts with knowing about the most common types of forklift tires available today, and understanding how and where certain tires are designed to be used. Here is an overview.

Cushion Tires

While it may sound counterintuitive, cushion tires are made of solid rubber and are directly pressed onto the wheel. They sit lower to the ground and offer a smaller turning radius, which provides an advantage in maneuverability. These types are best suited for indoor or paved applications due to the smooth surface.

Solid Pneumatic Tires

Much like cushion tires, solid pneumatic tires are designed with solid rubber. They are the most commonly purchased tire because they can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, solid pneumatic tires do not offer the same comfortable ride a cushion tire does across paved surfaces.

Air Pneumatic Tires

Air pneumatic tires are made of rubber, but are air-filled, much like a car or truck tire. They have a deep tread and are constructed to be strong and long-lasting, making them ideal for rough, outdoor terrain.

Polyurethane tires

Polyurethane tires are a lightweight type of press-on tires that are more resistant to splitting, tearing, or chunking under heavy loads as compared to rubber tires. They combine good traction with low-rolling resistance. Polyurethane tires generally experience about twice the lifespan of rubber tires but should be used indoors only for light applications such as warehousing.

Non-Marking Tires

Non-marking tires are made with hydrated silicas and special additives to prevent black marks on floors. They are available in pneumatic, solid pneumatic, and cushion tire varieties.

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