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High Quality, High Performance Parts

All Toyota forklifts are manufactured with Toyota Genuine Parts and Toyota StarLift components. Toyota parts are known for their high level of quality and durability, and we’re proud to offer an extensive inventory of both Toyota Genuine Parts and StarLift Parts for Non-Toyota equipment. This includes all parts for the following categories:

  • Hydraulics & Mast
  • Forks & Attachments
  • Engines & Motors
  • Hardware & Body
  • Chassis & Frame
  • Electrical

Built to Perform

You purchased your Toyota forklift for a reason. You know the brand and you understand Toyota’s reputation for performance. Toyota Genuine Parts are manufactured with the exact same care, quality, materials and attention to detail as the forklifts are. That provides the peace of mind, that, no matter what, your forklift is going to work as hard as you do.

Compatibility to Keep Your Fleet Running

Even when you have a mixed fleet, Shoppa’s is your one-stop-shop with our StarLift program. Complementing Toyota Genuine Parts, the StarLift parts program allows you to select from more than 80,000 parts – from forks, tires, and oils/chemicals, to batteries and other replacement parts available for Toyota forklift mixed-fleet customers. This includes all-makes of forklifts, sweepers, scrubbers, personnel carriers, aerial work platforms, tow tractors and other material handling equipment. No matter the equipment our team of experts are ready to assist in finding the exact parts you need to ensure maximum uptime.

Support to Minimize Downtime

Aftermarket service and support begins and ends with parts availability and expertise. With our nine locations in north Texas and Missouri, when you need parts, you’ll be able to find us quickly so you can minimize downtime and get back to work.