Cushman Burden Carriers

Keep Your Facility Running at Top Speed

From light loads to heavy hauling, the nearly-indestructible Cushman® burden carriers are ready to take on the heavy lifting for you.

Vehicle Load Capacity 550 – 3,000 lbs
Towing Capacity 715 – 8,000 lbs
Length 85 in – 114 in
Power Source 24V DC – 48V DC


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Load Capacity
Towing Capacity Length Power Souce
Titan HD 2,500 lbs 4,600 lbs 114 in 36V DC
Titan XD 3,000 lbs 8,000 lbs 114 in 48V DC
Minute Miser 550 lbs 85 in 24V DC
Stock Chaser 1,000 lbs 715 lbs 88.4 in 24V DC