JLG Driveable Order Pickers

The Order Picking Time Saver

Ideal for small, narrow aisles and large facilities alike, JLG driveable order pickers allow you to quickly position yourself at the appropriate height, load items onto the carry deck and continue to the next picking task. Featuring a zero turning radius and long battery life, these pickers will enable your team to get order picked in no time at all.

Max Working Height 16 ft – 25 ft 5 in
Stowed Height 4 ft 9 in – 6 ft 6 in
Weight 1,100 – 2,363 lbs
Platform Capacity 350 – 400 lbs


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Weight Stowed Height Platform Capacity
10MSP 16 ft 1,100 lbs 4 ft 9 in 350 lbs
20MSP 25 ft 5 in 2,363 lbs 6 ft 6 in 400 lbs