JLG Push Around Lifts

The Push You Need to Conquer the Day

Some jobs require you to tread lightly. If your work environment has sensitive floors, you need a lift that gives you access without weight. JLG Push Around lifts combine height and reach with low ground pressure, so you can conquer the day without jeopardizing the floors.

Max Working Height 14 ft 2 in – 16 ft 2 in
Stowed Height 5 ft 1 in – 6 ft 1 in
Weight 628 – 753 lbs
Platform Capacity 440 – 550 lbs


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Weight Stowed Height Platform Capacity
830P 14 ft 2 in 628 lbs 5 ft 1 in 440 lbs
1030P 16 ft 2 in 753 lbs 6 ft 1 in 550 lbs