JLG Push Around Vertical Mast Lifts

When Push Comes to Shove

With Platform heights ranging from 19ft to 41ft, JLG® Push-Around vertical mast lifts allow you to get closer to your overhead work and maintenance applications. With the ability to fit through standard doorways and even narrow aisles, these lifts are great for general repair work, routine maintenance, and managing inventory.

Max Working Height 31 ft – 38 ft
Stowed Height 6 ft 6 in – 8 ft 8 in
Weight 825 – 1,265 lbs
Platform Capacity 300 – 350 lbs


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Weight Stowed Height Platform Capacity
25AM 31 ft 825 lbs 6 ft 6 in 350 lbs
30AM 36 ft 1030 lbs 6 ft 6 in 300 lbs
38AM 38 ft 1265 lbs 8 ft 8 in 300 lbs