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Our Proprietary, Customized Fleet Management Solution

To successfully optimize and manage your fleet of material handling equipment, you must be able to measure the performance of equipment and operator. This is true whether your fleet consists of three vehicles or 300.

With ForkFacts™, our innovative reporting and analysis system, you will always know exactly what’s happening with your fleet, and exactly where improvements can be made. More importantly, ForkFacts™ provides an exact picture of what you’re really spending, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and institute changes that can positively impact your organization, lower your risk and improve your bottom line.

How ForkFacts™ Works

ForkFacts™ is a robust reporting methodology that originates from real-time data acquired directly from your units. Our proprietary software collects and analyzes this information using M2M (machine-to-machine) equipment mounted to your vehicles.

The technology allows us to observe and collect critical data on the health of your equipment, which we then use to provide detailed reporting and analysis, along with recommendations that can help you extend the life of your equipment and avoid costly, avoidable maintenance issues or equipment downtime.

Our ForkFacts™ reporting service is available to customers anywhere in the United States, with fleet sizes ranging from as small as five vehicles to more than 1,000. And, while ForkFacts™ does not require a Telematics component for data collection or reporting, we also offer industry-leading Telematics solutions to help you get an even deeper understanding of how your forklift fleet is performing.

What You’ll Get with ForkFacts™

  • Quarterly reporting on the performance, utilization and health of every vehicle in your fleet
  • A clear picture of your cost-per-operating hour and how to lower it
  • Annualized reporting that aggregates your fleet-level spending
  • One-on-one analysis of your report by a member of our fleet management consulting team
  • Identification of at-risk vehicles and recommendations on replacement options
  • Management and auditing of your service needs and repair charges
  • Peace of mind, knowing that your costs are being monitored and controlled

Ready to Get Started?

Our fleet management team is ready to help you get the critical insights you need. Contact us to learn how ForkFacts™ can significantly impact your bottom line.