Full Maintenance Plans for Your Equipment Serving Texas Since 1981

The Very Best Way to Protect Your Forklift Investment

If you have purchased or are considering purchasing a Toyota forklift, then you are probably well aware of the significant positive benefits that high quality material handling equipment can yield for your business.

Obviously, it is in your best interest to protect this investment and keep the equipment in condition to return value for as long as possible. Scheduled maintenance is the single most effective way to do this.

Our Full Maintenance Programs provide you with convenient, affordable options to help keep your equipment operating at optimal levels. As a Shoppa’s Full Maintenance Program customer, you’ll experience:

  • Predictable, stable maintenance fees at affordable, below-market rates
  • Fixed pricing and priority service on unscheduled maintenance repairs
  • An overall decrease and stabilization of the total cost of ownership of your equipment

Choose the Program that Works Best for You

Whether your equipment is lightly used in less rigorous conditions or pushed to the max under heavy-duty industrial workloads, we have a maintenance solution to fit your needs.

Platinum Program

The Platinum Maintenance Program is our top-tier maintenance solution designed to cover all your vehicle maintenance, repair and service needs for a fixed monthly charge. Securing a Platinum Maintenance Program is the best way to completely eliminate cost variability over the life of the contract.

Preferred Program

Our Preferred Maintenance Program includes all of the benefits featured in our Basic Maintenance Program plus factory-recommended transmission, hydraulic and differential service. Level monthly payments for these expanded services make this program a great option for those looking for more control over planned maintenance costs.

Basic Program

Our Basic Maintenance Program is our simplest plan and covers first-tier planned maintenance requirements for your vehicle. We will perform all manufacturer-recommended maintenance services at your worksite and provide you with detailed written inspection reports at each visit.

Want to Know More about Shoppa’s Full Maintenance Programs?

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive related to our Full Maintenance Programs:

What is “planned maintenance” and how is it different from a maintenance program?

Planned maintenance is an industry term that refers to a recommended schedule of services, such as an oil and filter change, fluid check, lubrication and safety check. Your customer support specialist can provide a full list of planned maintenance services for all vehicle types. Planned maintenance is included in each of our three maintenance programs.

Are all repairs that I might need covered by a maintenance program?

All scheduled maintenance and breakdown repairs due to normal operations are covered by our Platinum Maintenance Program. Transportation costs and replacement forklifts are also included.

What types of vehicles or products does a Shoppa’s Maintenance Program cover?

You can purchase a maintenance program for all TMH vehicles, regardless of whether it was purchased or leased from Shoppa’s or another distributor. This includes all Electric and IC Forklifts, Reach Trucks, Order Pickers and Electric Pallet Jacks/Stackers. We also offer maintenance programs on many non-Toyota forklifts — contact us for additional details.

Secure Your Full Maintenance Program Today

No more calculating risks, losing productivity or reacting to unexpected downtime. With a Shoppa’s Maintenance Program, you can focus on what matters most — your business and customers.

Contact us today to secure the Maintenance Program that’s best for your needs.