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A Powerful Data Solution that Can Create Positive Change in Your Organization

Telematics is not necessarily a new concept in the material handling industry, but the powerful impact that it can have on a forklift fleet is still not very well understood by most fleet managers. Perhaps this is partially due to the fact that any Telematics hardware solution, on its own, is simply a tracking device. The value of Telematics is based on the changes you make in your organization using the data being tracked and recorded. Hardware and data are just the first step. True ROI depends upon accountability and the willingness act upon what you learn from your data.

At Shoppa’s, Telematics is part of our Fleet Management service line and is another distinct value add that we can provide to fleet owners, warehouse/DC supervisors, risk management officers or anyone who wants to ensure that their forklifts are being operated properly, and in accordance with their organizational guidelines.

What to Expect from a Telematics Solution

Here are some of the key benefits a Shoppa’s Telematics system can provide:

Operator Accountability

Know who is operating specific units at any given time. The system requires the operator to log into the forklift before operation is possible. Logging can be performed from either a keyfob swipe or pin entry that is uniquely assigned to each operator.

Pre-Shift OSHA Required Inspection Process Automation

Based on a client defined schedule the hardware requires the operator to answer a list of questions before operation is possible. If answers to critical questions deem the unit unsafe to operate then the unit will be locked from operation until a supervisor clears for safe use. All information collected is logged and stored to be provided to OSHA if requested at anytime.

Impact Management

Visibility to who is harder on the equipment then they should be by tracking the G-Force impacts at the asset level. Three (3) distinct levels allow managers to supervise operators and ensure safe operation. Automatic notifications and in some cases triggered audible and visual alarms on the lift notify the appropriate team members when a impact takes place that needs to be investigated.

Usage Tracking

Having automated multiple meter collection allows for management to have real time visibility to usage of their equipment. This information can be sed to help right size fleets or look for areas of opportunity to improve efficiency at the asset or user level.

Hardware from One of the Best in the Business


Sfw Gemone Telematics - Telematics - Shoppa's Material Handling The heart of our Telematics system is the GEMONE Sapphire – an innovative mobile device that is mounted directly to forklifts or drivable material handling vehicles. Sapphire provides an easy-to-use interface for operators that, among many other things, presents the operator with a customized questionnaire prior to any use of the vehicle. This ensures that the operator has conducted the required OSHA pre-use inspection – something that can put your organization at serious risk if not performed properly.

Real-time machine data collected on the Sapphire links wirelessly to our software data hub where you can see clear, immediate reporting on a wide number of vehicle health, performance, usage and safety metrics.

We’ll Help You Get Maximum Value from Your Telematics System


Your Shoppa’s Fleet Management specialist will work with you to fully install the Sapphire units, customize your system to your specific needs, and will help you become acquainted with the easy-to-use software for ongoing data monitoring. We will also help you turn insights into action by helping you interpret your data, and using it to create policies, procedures or guidelines that will ultimately impact the health of your fleet, as well as your bottom line.

Contact us to learn more about a Shoppa’s Telematics system that’s best for your unique needs.