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Shoppa’s offers an innovative array of best-in-class dock equipment, including levelers, seals, shelters and more. Let us help you keep your loading dock safe, secure and operational.

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Flex-Lip® Dock Leveler

Flex-Lip® from NORDOCK, a premier manufacturer of loading dock equipment, uses patented technology to provide level loading for all heights of trailers, preventing damage to goods, personnel and equipment.

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Dock and Door Service, Installation and Maintenance

A loading bay that’s been “tagged out” due to damaged equipment means lost revenue and higher risk. But with professional installation, planned maintenance or as-needed service from our team of trained technicians, you can be sure your loading dock will be ready to go and in top condition. Let us help you get things moving, safely.

Solutions for Every Corner of Your Loading Dock

The loading dock is an essential part of any manufacturing, warehousing or retail business. Secure dock operation not only affects bottom line profitability, but also the safety of your work force and truck drivers. That’s why Shoppa’s has everything you need to maintain efficient, highly productive, safe dock operations. Here are some of the key areas where we can help you optimize your loading dock:

Loading and Unloading

Dock levelers bridge the gap between the trailer and the loading dock. Varying heights of trailers make it necessary for some loading docks to have lifts that can be mechanically raised or lowered. And because trailers commonly rise and fall during the loading process, a leveler ensures that the loading process is safe and steady. The most common types of dock levelers include Edge-of-Dock (EOD) and recessed levelers.

For companies that sometimes have cargo coming in from a ground level, a hydraulic, air powered or mechanical lift, can ensure that forklifts or manually rolled loading equipment can be safely elevated to the shipping bay. Ramps and heavy-duty dock boards or dock plates can also help bridge the gap between a trailer and a loading surface and are useful because they can be moved different bays.

Securing your cargo

When trailers arrive at the loading dock, securing them with vehicle restraints ensures that the trailer will not move during loading or unloading, thus preventing damage and keeping your people and loading dock area safe.

Having proper seals and shelters around the perimeter of the loading bay ensures that a tight, compressed seal is formed when the trailer is docked, keeping dust, dirt and insects out and preventing cool air from escaping.

Enhancing safety throughout your loading bays

With so much valuable inventory constantly moving in and out of a loading dock, warehouse operators must consider the safety of their personnel, space and merchandise when optimizing loading dock operations.

Shoppa’s suite of safety and barrier solutions are designed with durability and visibility in mind, ensuring that even when accidents happen, they don’t cause damage to people or property.