About ASEC

Toyota’s After Sales Service Evaluation & Certification (ASEC) is a program designed to ensure quality service and reflect Toyota’s core values. It is based on the ACT philosophy (Accuracy + Caring = Trust) and focuses on gaining the customer’s trust by providing high quality service and excellent customer care.

The foundation of ASEC is built off a core Toyota Lean Management principle called 5S (Sort, Systemize, Shine, Standardize, Sustain). This allows Shoppa’s to optimize and organize the service process at all levels to maximize productivity and increase customer satisfaction. Implementing these systems allows for processes and workspaces to be efficient, safer, and productive by eliminating nonvalue added waste (Muda).

“The ASEC certification is an intense 10-month process that requires cooperation from all areas of the business to be able to recognize the benefits that it provides to the dealership and our customers. The accomplishment of all Shoppa’s branches achieving ASEC certification is a true reflection of our dedicated employees recognizing these benefits and always making sure our customers come first.”

Brady Muller, Shoppa’s Process Improvement Manager

Wichita Falls Certification

Our Wichita Falls branch began the ASEC process in March of 2021 and successfully completed certification in May 2022. Due to the efforts of our team, they achieved a high score of 97.8% and the fastest turnaround of any Shoppa’s location.

“I’m extremely proud of the entire team’s efforts, the dealership looks absolutely amazing!”

Rick Kidder, Toyota Material Handling

Shoppa’s Rebrands All Locations

Shoppa’s vision is to be the premier material handling solution provider to our customers at all our branches by delivering exceptional service with everything we do. We want our customers to be able to walk into any Shoppa’s location and be confident they are going to receive world class service. In addition to the investment made during our ASEC certification, the Wichita Falls branch received a full renovation, rebranding, and new signage that is compliant with the certification. The office interior was transformed, complete with new a customer counter, flooring, lobby furniture, and custom artwork. The exterior of the building was repainted with the Shoppa’s corporate color scheme. But the updated building rebranding doesn’t stop at the Wichita Falls branch – Shoppa’s plans to continue investing and updating all facilities in tandem with each location’s ASEC recertification, creating a consistent and cohesive look and feel for each office space.

Shoppas Material Handling Lobby 1 - Shoppa’s Wichita Falls’ Branch is ASEC Certified - Shoppa's Material Handling

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